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A site to provide updates on Jillian Moore's fight against Stage 4 Neuroblastoma Cancer


CANCER FREE as of April 2, 2014

No evidence of disease, however the battle continues with Immunotherapy.


Jillian’s Army is dedicated to helping 3 4 year old Jillian win her battle against Stage 4 Neuroblastoma Cancer. She was diagnosed on July 11, 2013 and began her first round of chemotherapy that night.

This website has all the latest updates on her condition.  It also has fundraising and event information.

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Jillian’s Soldiers of the Month – August 2014
The Staff of St. Rose Siena Hospital

by Amber Moore

st rose siena hospital jillians armyI would like to introduce you to the Soldiers of the Month for August 2014, the staff at St. Rose Siena Hospital in Henderson, Nevada. A year ago I never would have imagined that I would be the parent of a cancer child. I never thought this would happen to me or my family, but it has. I thank God for medicine and I thank God for this hospital with its amazing staff. They were there for us when Jillian was a ticking time bomb with cancer spreading like wildfire throughout her tiny body. The staff at St. Rose Siena knew the right specialist to call, Dr. Bernstein, and they were immediately aware of the critical nature of her disease. The award of Soldiers of The Month has been long overdue, as I credit this hospital for saving our precious Jillian’s life.

As far as hospitals go, you never find yourself actually “wanting” to be there. However, we became quite comfy in our new home away from home at the PICU of the “Angel Siena Hosible” as Jillian calls it. For every round of chemo and every blood transfusion needed, we would find ourselves heading to the fourth floor. We always hoped they saved the biggest room for us, which we nicknamed “The Suite”.

Certain memories of our time at St. Rose Siena stand out among the rest and there are many people to thank. Dr. Shane in the E.R.- you knew right away how critical she was. Theresa – you always gave me a full night of sleep with your ninja skills and desire to change her diaper every 2 hours. Both Debbies – how on earth did you put up with this child’s psycho mood swings? Joanna – you were there from the first night of chemo and eased our fears when the poison started. You also held steady pressure for hours when she wouldn’t stop bleeding after the vas-cath was removed. Adam – ha ha, little Jillian has had a major crush on you from the ONLY time you were her night nurse. She has never forgotten you, and we thank you and your wife for the minion costume! Kathy Cooper – she still wants to go back to the “hosible” and see her Kathy. Every hospital playroom reminds Jillian of you. You have been very important to her comfort in the hospital setting and she always knew you would be there when she had to come back. I’m sure I left out some people but trust me, you all played an important part in our lives.

In addition to the playroom, Jillian also loved to go outside for a walk to the garden or the “Gravity Falls” as she called it. Her other favorite place to go was to see the angel statue out front. To the wonderful doctors, nurses, and staff at St. Rose Dominican Hospital – Siena Campus, our August 2014 Soldiers of the Month, we give you a much deserved Jillian’s Army SALUTE!!!
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